Get Involved

The Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative Advisory Committee is requesting that the Jackson community join together in the efforts to prevent teen pregnancy. Be a part of the solution through ideas listed below:

Parents: It all starts with you. Communicate openly with your child. Encourage and support your child’s interests and talents. Connect with other parents for support. Spend quality time with your child. Make age-appropriate information available regarding sexual development and healthy choices.

Schools: Promote educational success and help young people develop a strong sense of purpose. Stay informed about teen pregnancy and promising interventions. Collaborate with parents and community experts on developing and implementing policies on comprehensive sex education. Welcome outside presenters with expertise in teen pregnancy topics into your school to offer education to your students.[i]
Community-Based Organizations: Find out what other organizations are doing and look for ways to collaborate. Research and implement effective teen pregnancy prevention strategies. Help to develop a sense of hope in the young people that you serve.


Faith Communities: Encourage parents to talk with their children about sex and morality within the context of your faith. Organize supervised group activities for teens in your community. Enlist adults to help young people. Address the spiritual needs that teens have and offer answers to the challenging problems in their life

Media: Become educated on the issue. Communicate the impact of teen pregnancy on our community (i.e., financial burdens, health disparities). Be supportive of local efforts in place and report our progress.

Business: Be aware of how this issue impacts Jackson’s economy. Look for opportunities to engage youth in hands-on learning experiences. Financially support our efforts.

Philanthropic Organizations: Acknowledge the needs in our community by providing broader levels of funding. Join the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative Advisory Committee in building a collaborative fund to combat teen pregnancy in Jackson.

Political Leaders: Become more aware of the issue and the detrimental effects on Jackson County. Support legislation that funds comprehensive sex education.

Young People: You can make a difference in solving the problem of teen pregnancy in Jackson County. Sex is serious – make a plan. Practice abstinence or safe sex. Be assertive…you are in charge of your own life. Don’t let anyone pressure you. Set goals for your future and strive to attain them.